Boston College Board of Trustees听



William P. Leahy, S.J.听


Michael C. Ascione '93
Managing Director
Berkshire Partners

Guido M. Barilla
Barilla G. & R. Fratelli S.p.A.

Steven M. Barry '85
Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Equity
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Patricia Lynott Bonan '79
Managing Director (Ret.)
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

D. Scott Brown '79
President and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.)
Sage Products LLC

Claudio M. Burgaleta, S.J., Ph.D. '96, D.T. '97
Boston College Jesuit Community

Jacqueline P. Canney '89
Chief People Officer

James D. Carey, Esq. '88, J.D. '91
Senior Principal
Stone Point Capital

Hon. Darcel D. Clark '83
District Attorney
Bronx County District Attorney Office

Michelle R. Codrington

Christopher S. Collins, S.J.
Vice President for Mission
University of St. Thomas

William C. Connell '94
Co-Founder and Partner
High Road Capital Partners

Robert J. Cooney, Esq. '74
Cooney & Conway

Leo J. Corcoran, Esq. '81
Autumn Development Company, Inc.

Sandra M. Edgerley
Chair Emerita
Boston Foundation

Molly Ferrante
VP of Philanthropy
The Ferrante Group

John F. Fish
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Suffolk Construction Company

John J. Flatley '86
John J. Flatley Company

Janice Gipson '77

Won Young听Giuriceo '95

Patrick W. Grady '04
Sequoia Capital

Daniel S. Hendrickson, S.J.
Creighton University

Justin Hillenbrand '98
Co-Founder, Partner, and Co-Chief Executive Officer
Monomoy Capital Partners

Michaela Murphy Hoag '86
Founder and Chair
Part the Cloud

Ren茅 F. Jones '86
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
M&T Bank

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr.
Executive Chairman of the Board

Michelle A. Knight '98, M.S. '05
Managing Partner, President, and Chief Economist
Ropes Wealth Advisors LLC

Patricia L. Kraft

Jason R. Krantz '95
Executive Chairman and Founder
Definitive Healthcare

William P. Leahy, S.J.听
Boston College

Lise Leist
Diversity Consultant

Douglas W. Marcouiller, S.J., M.Div. '86
General Counselor, Society of Jesus
Curia Generalizia della Compagnia di Ges霉

Peter K. Markell '77
Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen M. McGillycuddy, NC '71
Executive Vice President (Ret.)
FleetBoston Financial

Denise M. Morrison '75
President and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.)
Campbell Soup Company

Robert F. Morrissey, Esq. '95, J.D. '02
Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch

Brien M. O'Brien '80
Chairman and CEO
Port Capital LLC

David P. O'Connor '86
Senior Managing Partner
High Rise Capital Partners, LLC

Kevin E. Pearson '90, M.A. '91, J.D. '98
General Manager 鈥 Land
Georgia Power Company

Stephen J. Pemberton '89, D.B.A. '15 (Hon.), M.S. '19
Chief Human Resources Officer

Jonathan M. Rather '82
Senior General Partner
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Kendall B. Reid '79, D.F.A. '18 (Hon.)
Producer/Director (Ret.)
HBO Sports

Travis M. Rhodes '93
Abrams Capital

Navyn Datoo Salem '94, D.S.S. '12 (Hon.)
Founder & CEO

Philip W. Schiller '82
Apple Fellow
Apple Computer, Inc.

Marc P. Seidner '88
Chief Investment Officer

Susan Martinelli Shea '76
Founder and President
Dancing with the Students

Marianne D. Short, Esq., NC '73, J.D. '76
Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer (Ret.)
UnitedHealth Group

Kevin A. Smart '99
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Denise M. Stack '82

Elizabeth W. Vanderslice '86
Trewstar Corporate Board Services

Elisa Gabelli Wilson '95
Gabelli Foundation Inc.

Elizabeth Eder Zobel '87
Teach for the Philippines

Boston College Trustee Associates


Timothy S. Allen

Mary Jane Voute虂 Arrigoni

Drake G. Behrakis '86
President and Chief Executive Officer
Marwick Associates

Peter W. Bell '86
General Partner
Amity Ventures

Geoffrey T. Boisi '69
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Roundtable Investment Partners LLC听听听

Cathy M. Brienza NC '71
Partner (Ret.)
WallerSutton 2000, LP and
Waller-Sutton Media Partners, LP

Karen Izzi Bristing '84
Equinox Equestrian Center

Wayne A. Budd, Esq. '63, LL.D. '13 (Hon.)
Senior Counsel
Goodwin Procter LLP

Patrick Carney '70
Chairman Emeritus
Claremont Companies

Charles I. Clough, Jr. '64
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Clough Capital Partners, LP

Juan A. Concepcio虂n, Esq. '96, M.Ed. '97,
J.D. & M.B.A '03
Senior Legal Counsel
Boston Scientific Corporation

Margot C. Connell,听L.H.D. 鈥09 (Hon.)
Chair and Member of the Advisory Board
Connell Limited Partnership

John M. Connors, Jr. '63, D.B.A. '07 (Hon.)
The Connors Family Office

Kathleen A. Corbet '82
Founder and Principal
Cross Ridge Capital, LLC

Robert F. Cotter '73
President (Ret.)
Kerzner International 听

Brian E. Daley, S.J.
Huisking Professor of Theology
University of Notre Dame 听

Claudia Henao de la Cruz '85
Past Chair
Centro Mater Foundation

Michael H. Devlin II '88
Managing Director
Curragh Capital Partners

Robert M. Devlin
Curragh Capital Partners

Francis A. Doyle '70, M.B.A. '75
President and Chief Executive Officer
Connell Limited Partnership

Cynthia Lee Egan '78
President of Retirement Plan Services (Ret.)
T. Rowe Price

John R. Egan '79
Managing Partner
Carruth Management, LLC

Michael E. Engh, S.J.
Loyola Marymount University

Emilia M. Fanjul
Boston College Parent

Mario J. Gabelli
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
GAMCO Investors, Inc.

William J. Geary '80
Cofounder and Partner
Flare Capital Partners

Susan McManama Gianinno '70
Publicis North America

David T. Griffith '68
Vice Chairman (Ret.)
R W Baird

Mary J. Steele Guilfoile '76
MG Advisors, Inc.

Kathleen Powers Haley '76
Vice President of Business Development
United Premium Foods

John L. Harrington '57, M.B.A. '66, D.B.A. '10 (Hon.)
Chairman of the Board
Yawkey Foundation

Christian W. E. Haub
President and Chairman
Emil Capital Partners, LLC

Kathleen Flatley Ix '88, M.Ed. '92

Piotr Jablonski, S.J.

Richard A. Jalkut '66
President and Chief Executive Officer
TPx Communications听

Michael D. Jones, Esq. '72, J.D. '76
Chief Operating Officer (Ret.)

Edmund F. Kelly
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.)
Liberty Mutual Group

Robert K. Kraft
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
The Kraft Group

John L. LaMattina '71
Senior Partner
PureTech Ventures听

Peter S. Lynch '65, LL.D. '95 (Hon.)
Vice Chairman
Fidelity Management & Research Company

Matthew F. Malone, S.J.
President and Editor in Chief
America Media

T.J. Maloney '75
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Lincolnshire Management, Inc.

Carmine A. Martignetti '76
President and Co-Owner
Martignetti Companies

David M. McAuliffe '71
Managing Director of Investment Banking (Ret.)
J.P. Morgan

William S. McKiernan '78
WSM Capital, LLC

John C. Morrissey, III
Managing Director
Shea Ventures

Robert J. Morrissey, Esq. '60, LL.D. '14 (Hon.)
Senior Partner
Morrissey, Hawkins & Lynch

John V. Murphy '71
Chairman, President, and CEO (Ret.)
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.

R. Michael Murray, Jr. '61, M.A. '65
Director Emeritus
McKinsey & Company, Inc. 听

Robert J. Murray '62
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Ret.)
New England Business Service, Inc.听

Therese E. Myers, NC '66
Chief Executive Officer
Bouquet Multimedia, LLC

Thomas P. O'Neill III '68
Chief Executive Officer
O'Neill and Associates听

Brian G. Paulson, S.J., S.T.L. '93
Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

Sally Engelhard Pingree
Director and Vice Chairman
Engelhard Hanovia, Inc.听

Paula D. Polito '81
Client Strategy Officer and Group Managing Director
UBS Wealth Management Americas

John J. Powers '73
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs & Company

Richard F. Powers III '67
Advisory Director (Ret.)
Morgan Stanley

Frank E. Previte '65
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer
EBI Consulting

Ambassador Pierre-Richard Prosper, Esq. '85
Arent Fox LLP

Nicholas S. Rashford, S.J.
St. Joseph's University

Thomas J. Rattigan '60

Thomas F. Ryan, Jr. '63
Private Investor (Ret.)

Rev. Nicholas A. Sannella '67
Immaculate Conception Parish

Randall P. Seidl '85
Chief Executive Officer
Revenue Acceleration, Top Talent Recruiting

Andrew A. Shafter
Managing Director
Manulife Investment Management

John J. Shea, S.J., M.Ed. '70
University Staff Chaplain
Fordham University

Sylvia Q. Simmons, M.Ed. '62, Ph.D. '90,
D.H.L. '11 (Hon.)
President (Ret.)
American Student Assistance Corp.

Pat Stokes '64
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive
Officer (Ret.)
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Robert L. Sullivan '50, M.A. '52
International Practice Director (Ret.)
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.

Richard F. Syron '66, LL.D. '89 (Hon.)

Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., M.Div. '81
LaFarge Jesuit Community

Vincent A. Wasik
Co-Founder and Principal
MCG Global, LLC

David C. Weinstein, Esq., J.D. '75
Chief of Administration (Ret.)
Fidelity Investments

Michael D. White '74
Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer (Ret.)

Benaree P. Wiley, D.P.A. '09 (Hon.)
President and Chief Executive Officer (Emeritus)
The Partnership, Inc.

Jeremy K. Zipple, S.J. '00, S.T.L. '14
Executive Editor
America Media

Boston College Board of Regents


The Boston College Board of Regents serves as ambassadors and provides support to the president and the Board of Trustees on strategic priorities and matters essential to the future of the University. Rooted in the ideals of Jesuit higher education and the mission of Boston College, regents explore the value of the University in the world today and imagine the possibility of its impact on the world of tomorrow.

Christopher H. Ackerley P鈥25

Diana A. Ackerley P鈥25听

Henry C. Ahn 鈥85

Phillip J. Albanese '08

Lindsey E. Albanese '07

Michael N. Altman P鈥22 鈥24听鈥26

E. Alexandria Stewart Altman P鈥22 鈥24听鈥26

Frank M. Antonacci '05

Jessica Salafia Antonacci

Katheryn H. Ascione 鈥93, P鈥25 鈥26听(Co-chair)

Michael C. Ascione 鈥93, P鈥25 鈥26, Trustee (Co-chair)

Craig W. Ashmore P鈥17 鈥20

Gregory D. Bartoli 鈥99

Patricia E. Bartoli 鈥99

Terrence M. Belton 鈥78, P鈥10 鈥11 鈥13 鈥15 鈥20

Mary C. Belton 鈥79, P鈥10 鈥11 鈥13 鈥15 鈥20

Tricia Black P'28

Peter J. Caparso MBA鈥92, P鈥18 鈥24

Suzanne F. Caparso P鈥18 鈥24

Matthew T. Carroll 鈥95, P鈥25

Rebecca D. Carroll 鈥95, P鈥25

Marvin Chow '95

Jeanine P. Clark P鈥22听鈥27

Kevin P. Clark P鈥22听鈥27

Kara L. Cleary 鈥84, MA鈥91

Michael R. Cote '83, P'07 '09 '11 '17

Kathleen McHugh Cote听'83, P'07 '09 '11 '17

Carla M. Crawford

Victor L. Crawford 鈥83

Darin C. Davidson P鈥21 鈥25

Mia M. Davidson P鈥21 鈥25听

Kassia A. Davis 鈥10

Colleen Carroll deVeer '97

Kipp deVeer

Andrew Dickinson P'24 '27

Kristin Dickinson听P'24 '27

Donna F. McIntyre Didizian 鈥87, P鈥18 鈥20 鈥22

Michael E. Dixon '06

Jessica Dixon

Brigid H. Doherty 鈥96, P鈥25

Raye L. Dube

Laura Warmenhoven Duganne '05, '06

Max B. Duganne '05

Francisco Jose R. Elizalde P鈥20 鈥22

Shayne Fitz-Coy

Juliana C. Ford P鈥27

Robert B. Ford 鈥94, P鈥27

Janet E. Frink P'25

Terence Fung '02

Ann C. Gallo 鈥87

Miguel-Angel Galvez 鈥12

Scott A. Gieselman '85, '88

Mia Jung Gieselman

Wenjing Guo P鈥23听鈥27

Karen F. Hamilton 鈥87, P鈥25

Thomas E. Hamilton P鈥25

Arar Han 鈥03

Marie-Liliane J. Haub '13

Scott L. Hayward 鈥87

Christine Hayward

John C. Herr

May Briones Herr 鈥89

Thomas H. Jennings '95, P'28

Michelle F. Jennings听'95, P'28

Samina Kanwar

April W. Kelly P鈥22 鈥26

Peter B. Kelly P鈥22 鈥26

Sylvia J. Kerrigan

Matthew J. Kerrigan '82

Misha N. Kordestani 鈥19

Michael James Lee '86, P'13 '15 '21, LP'19

Mary L. B. Lee听'84, P'13 '15 '21, LP'19

Xiaoping Li P鈥23听鈥27

Andrea L. Lisher 鈥96

Lindsay Phillips LoBue 鈥96, P鈥25 鈥27

Robert T. LoBue P鈥25 鈥27

James G. Loftus 鈥00

Cassandra D. Lopez 鈥01

Jerome F. Lynch 鈥89, P鈥26

Kiera T. Lynch 鈥90, P鈥26

Robert R. Marshall 鈥88, P鈥17

Kirsten T. Mahar P'18 '20 '24 '26

Daniel W. Mahar听P'18 '20 '24 '26

Thomas John Majdanski '02

Alexandra Maruszewski 鈥91, P鈥24 鈥27

Mark T. Maruszewski P鈥24 鈥27

Michele Mastrangelo Masse

Kevin L. Masse '94

Christine Montenegro McGrath '87, Hon'21

Sean P. McGrath P鈥20 鈥22

Beth Moutrie Mikosh P鈥25听鈥27

Christopher L. Mikosh 鈥95, P鈥25听鈥27

Jim Miller 鈥90, P鈥21 鈥24听鈥26

Krisann E. Miller 鈥90, P鈥21 鈥24听鈥26

Edmund F. Murphy III 鈥84, P鈥19

Jennifer R. Murphy P鈥19

Alexandra V. Noon 鈥95, P鈥25 鈥27

Christopher B. Noon 鈥95, P鈥25 鈥27

John D. Norberg 鈥92, Law鈥95, P鈥25 鈥27

Margaret A. Norberg 鈥92, P鈥25 鈥27

Christopher E. O'Donnell '92, HON'17, P'22 '25

Caroline Fentress O'Donnell听P'22 '25

Lindsay Brown Pohlad

Thomas O. Pohlad '02

David E. Poltack 鈥94, P鈥25

Rupal J. Poltack 鈥94, P鈥25

Kyle S. Ramachandran 鈥07

Tiffany Hsu Ramachandran

Amy L. Remondi

Christopher C. Remondi 鈥94

Rachel听Creutz Rhodes 鈥93,听P鈥27

Roland Riggs

Rebecca F. Rooney 鈥89

Arivee Rozier-Byrd 鈥05, Law 鈥08, LL.D. '22 (Hon.)

Trevor L. Rozier-Byrd 鈥05

Lauren R. Sabet 鈥91, P鈥21

David R. Salomon听P鈥21 鈥25听鈥26

Kimberley B. Salomon听P鈥21 鈥25听鈥26

James P. Shay 鈥88, P鈥24

Monica E. Shay 鈥08, P鈥24

Eric J. Silva '00

Greg M. Strakosch 鈥84, P鈥14 鈥16 鈥17

Margaret F. Strakosch 鈥85, P鈥14 鈥16 鈥17

Marita Staphopoulos P'25 '27

Nikos Stathopoulos P'25 '27

Brendan J. Swords P鈥25

Kerry Noone Swords 鈥93, P鈥25

Andrew H. Tapley

Susan D. Tapley '00, '24

Jeri Nicosia Tarini 鈥83, P鈥15 鈥21

Mark Tarini 鈥82, P鈥15 鈥21

Brett K. Tejpaul 鈥94

Susan Peterson Tejpaul

Amy K. Traynor P鈥24 鈥25听鈥27

Thomas R. Traynor 鈥91, P鈥24 鈥25听鈥27

Brian J. Tusa 鈥94

Danielle Growney Tusa

Kenneth W. Walker P鈥23

Patricia Hanna Walker 鈥88, P鈥23

Elizabeth L. Wang 鈥95听

Janet L. Wang 鈥99

Kristin M. Waring 鈥86, P鈥20 鈥22

Sumner Waring P鈥20 鈥22

Frederick G. Westerman III 鈥88

Cindy W. Wickwire P鈥23

S. Joseph Wickwire II 鈥86, P鈥23

Dr. Thomas B. Wilson '95, P'24

Anita Wong 鈥97

Brett G. Wyard '92

Brooke Wyard