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How does the Admission Committee use test scores in context?

High schools and communities throughout the country and around the world vary widely. There are high schools and geographic regions where earning a 1500 on the SAT is commonplace and others where earning a score of 1300 places the student among the top of their peer group. Some students have the financial resources and time available to commit to test-preparation, while others do not. We consider these factors and more as we evaluate students鈥 past performance and potential for future success.

The Admission Committee also considers test scores in a national context. The majority of students admitted to Boston College rank within the top 10% of their high school classes. Similarly, students who have scored a 1350 on the SAT or a composite score of 30 on the ACT rank among the top 10% of national test takers.

Does Boston College 鈥渟uper-score鈥 test results?

Yes, Boston College super-scores testing results, considering only the highest individual score from each test section during our review. Therefore, we recommend students list all SAT and/or ACT scores they have earned.

Can I submit additional test scores after submitting my Common Application or QuestBridge application?

Yes, students may submit self-reported test-scores after they apply via their Applicant Status Portals or by sending an official score report. Depending on when those scores arrive, scores may not be received in time to be included in our initial application evaluation. We can guarantee that scores reported or submitted along with an application will be reviewed.

Does this policy apply to international students?

Yes, submitting the SAT or ACT is optional for international students. However, international students are still required to demonstrate English language proficiency via TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test results. This English language proficiency requirement may be waived for students who speak English as their native language, have attended a US high school for at least three years in a non-ESOL curriculum, or submit standardized test results including scores of 650 or greater on the SAT EBRW or 29 or greater on the ACT English section.听Learn more听here.

Does this policy apply to home-schooled students?

Yes. However, because the Admission Committee has little context in which to evaluate home-schooled students鈥 academic results, standardized test results are extremely helpful to the Admission Committee. Home-schooled applicants are strongly encouraged to submit standardized test scores to allow us to put their applications in context with others in our pool. Other quantitative measures that students may also benefit from submitting include AP exam scores and/or college coursework. Official college transcripts should be submitted for all college courses completed.

Does this policy apply to athletic recruits?

Yes. The NCAA has removed the test score requirement for athletic eligibility in Division I sports. Recruited athletes are responsible for ensuring their NCAA eligibility.

Will students who do not submit standardized test results be eligible for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program?

Yes. All applicants who submit their admission applications by November 1 will be eligible for consideration of one of 18 Presidential Scholarships. Learn more about applying for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program.


Will Boston College remain test-optional in the future?

At Boston College, standardized testing provides meaningful context as we evaluate candidates with varying degrees of curricular rigor across nearly 10,000 high schools from which we receive applications. Our research has routinely demonstrated that the inclusion of standardized testing as part of our holistic review provides the greatest predictive value toward ensuring student success.

To that end, we will study academic performance metrics for 王中王六合彩资料鈥檚 first test-optional classes to inform future policy decisions.